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Citizens Against Litter

About our group

Citizens Against Litter is a group that was a long time coming. Read Boris Weinstein's proposal for Citizens Against Litter, penned in 2002.

We came to life as a group in April 2005 with the publication of an opinion piece by Boris, a longtime Shadyside resident and ardent litter-hater. Shortly after the piece was published, a group of volunteers stepped forward and the fight against litter was on.

As word has spread, our efforts have moved well beyond the borders of Shadyside. Similar efforts in Squirrel Hill, Regent Square, Brookline, and the South Side Slopes have begun. We have also been in contact with individuals in other cities throughout Pennsylvania who are interested in establishing their own anti-litter groups.

What do we believe?

People who care about clean neighborhoods must pick up for people who litter and don't care. Picking up litter must be done regularly. Once or twice a year doesn't cut it.

Our mission

As citizens of this community we have responsibilities. We can make a difference as volunteers against litter. Our mission is to keep Pittsburgh litter-free.

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