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Citizens Against Litter

Who are we?

We are people of all ages. We are a loosely connected group of Pittsburgh residents and merchants who are passionate about picking up litter in our neighborhoods. We are involved in the Redd Up Pittsburgh movement.

Active since March 2005, our band of volunteers is making a big impact. Streets, gutters, sidewalks, grassy places and alleys are cleaner. We started in Shadyside, but our reach goes far beyond Walnut Street. What we accomplish here can be replicated in other neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh.

Glitter around town: Troop 210 Southside Spring 2016 Redd Up

Troop 210 Southside Spring 2016 Redd Up

June 4, 2016: Under the leadership of Assistant Scout Master Andrew Hebson, Jr. (front center), Boy Scouts Troop 210 of Whitehall joined the South Side Chamber of Commerce to spruce up the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at S. 18th and E. Carson Streets on Saturday, June 4. The Scouts cleaned the memorial, replanted plants in the big urns and cleaned up the surrounding sidewalks and parking lot. They also cleaned up litter along E. Carson Street and the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then we have a lot to say. Check back often, or visit our photo collection for more pictures of litter, and, when things go right, maybe even some glitter.

Submissions encouraged

Do you know of a trouble spot that you'd like to highlight? Snap a picture and mail it to us. Only by identifying the problem can we begin to solve it.

Entertaining Litter-ature

November 2016 Newslitter

In this newsletter: Our mission; Fall 2016 Redd Up/PMADD is history; Next up: Spring 2017 Redd Up in April; Paddlers to merge with Venture Outdoors; Philadelphia Adopt-a-Block plan a winner; "Great Idea" backfires; Connonquenessing Creek cleanup working; PRC takes over state recycling hotline; Report mailbox graffiti; "I litter" awards; Important phone numbers; Next to last word; The last word

More Litterature

Neighborhood News

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh aims to beautify empty lots

From today's Trib comes a story about a program run by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh to farm out maintenance of some vacant city lots to small companies and nonprofits based in the neighborhoods hosting the lots.

More news from the neighborhoods

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